Camp Team

Emma, Samir, Mohammed, Faysal and Nicole are the Camp Adounia Team.

Coming together from around the globe our incredible team is full of heart and hustle. It’s not easy working in Sahara, but Team Adounia always has a smile on their face and laughter in their bellies. This is our desert family.

The Team

About Team Adounia

Emma, Samir, Mohammed, Faysal and Nicole are the Camp Adounia Team.

Samir’s family are from Mhamid he manages the logistics and staff.  Samir not only manages Camp Adounia but looks after your needs during your stay, from special diets in food allergies to real Moroccan tours including adventure activities and caravan transport. He organises all camp logistics, maintenance and transport.

Emma is the founder of Camp Adounia, and connects with guests and organises Morocco holidays and itineraries. Emma creates wellness programs for retreats, manages logistics for all Morocco tours from Marrakech to Sahara or the Beach and around Morocco.

Emma has felt connected to Africa her whole life. Born in Uganda and growing up Nigeria, her father was a inspector of schools throughout her childhood. Upon returning to the UK as a young girl, Emma had been itching to return to Africa her entire life.

Emma moved to Morocco in 2004 and opened Riad Zamzam in the Marrakech medina. Shortly after she began running wellness retreats and programs at the riad, incorporating her culinary skills and passion for wellness, creating magical healing experiences. Eventually Emma began incorporating an adventure to Sahara in her programmes, which she found took the healing experience to a whole new level. After being so inspired by Sahara and the inner peace it provided, Emma decided to create her own camp. Adounia was created with the intention of operating with integrity and consciousness, respecting the environment while providing beautiful adventures for all her clients.

Mohammed is the brilliant camp chef, trained by Emma herself, his cooking style has a unique perspective when you are sick of the same old tagines and couscous during your Moroccan holiday. Mohammed is trained to cater to special dietary requirements and food allergies.

Mohammed is from the local town of M’hamid and is right at home in the desert. You’ll be blown away by the culinary creations he can make in this kitchen tent, he always makes sure the clients and staff are well fed no matter how busy (or hot!) it gets in his cozy tent.

Faysal helps to make sure clients are comfortable, laughing and well fed from Marrakech to Sahara and every moment in between. Born and raised in Marrakech, Faysal is a medina boy at heart and can been seen around town running from place to place, saying hello to everyone he knows as he zips by his motorbike. He loves to make the trip out to Sahara and fits right in the the Sahara boys, drumming by the camp fire and trekking with the camels. If you need anything, Faysal can get it done for you, with pleasure.

Nicole does the marketing, design, helps to manage the clients, and plan transport and camp logistics. She’s Emma’s right hand woman and helps with everything from picking out tent furnishing, serving breakfast, writing company newsletters and herding clients on to camels. Nicole feels right at home in Sahara, and there’s no other place she’d rather be.