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With 5 years experience of building tents for our tented Camp Adounia, testing these tents in hostile weather and working with the nomads in the Sahara Desert of Morocco; we are now producing and selling these tried and tested Moroccan Tents Internationally.

What Moroccan tents are available to order ?

We have 5 main tent models available, but we are happy to make bespoke tents to your request.  We also work with a tent maker to the main movies filmed in Morocco so special requests and large event or festival tents are also possible.

MT01 – Moroccan wedding tents also ideal as yoga and event tents.

Normally 60m square in size, 12m x 5m.  Larger sizes are available on request.  Made with heavy canvas, with or without black traditional Moroccan motifs.  These come with a selection of traditional Moroccan lining which you can see in the gallery.  We can also make a thin white lining for weddings. The support is 2 large central poles, 2 main beam poles and smaller poles around the walls for support.

MT03 – Moroccan square or rectangular tents with central poles.

Heavy cream canvas, with or without black Moroccan motifs. These pack smaller and are quick to erect. Again they come with a selection of Moroccan or plain linings, (please see the gallery). Standard sizes are 6x3m or 8x4m. Smaller sizes with single pole can be made. 2 inside single poles attaching to 2 beam poles. Smaller 1.5m poles around the walls for support.

MT02 – Full frame square or rectangular Moroccan tents.

Custom sizing available. Heavy canvas with reinforced seam straps in cream (waterproof canvas), with or without black Moroccan motif and a selection of plain or Moroccan linings. These come with a full metal frame.

MT04 – Round tents. Heavy cream canvas with a single pole in the middle.

Available with or without black Moroccan motif and a selection of linings. They can be made in any side and also with a toilet partition.

MT05 – Black Camel or goat hair bedouin nomad tents (bivouac)

These are erected with twin middle poles crossing over which connect with a harar support (banana shaped piece of wood at the top). Depending on size, the tent may have several of these. Please specify if a lining is needed. These can be 3 skin with a plastic lining and an interior lining. These tents naturally breath and dry out quickly as they are naturally woven by Saharawi women for this purpose. The natural tent's colour is black, over time this fades to dark brown.

For a truly Moroccan experience these tents can also be ordered with Moroccan interiors such as carpets, cusions, poufs and lanterns.

Tents may be ordered without poles and frame for cheaper shipping.