Gypset Girl – March 2016

When we finally arrived for the last leg consisting of an hour-long drive in sometimes deep sand, the sun was setting. Intoxicated by my surroundings, I climbed out of the SUV’s window and took a seat on the door and held on tight to take in the Sahara air and sunset as we floated through the sand.

From the delicious food, to the yoga, writing classes (compliments of Richard Hamilton famed famed BBC journalist and author of the magical book The Last Storytellers: Tales from the Heart of Morocco), dune surfing and experiencing the Berber culture, it was an adventure like none other. In a positive way, it literally changed the direction of people’s lives forever, including mine.

For many of us, this was the nucleus of the Restival Nights. The outdoor bar under the Sahara stars was the place to hang, have a cocktail and unwind before and after dinner. We enjoyed the best fresh juices, courtesy of Native Highs by day. During the evening hours we added a little vodka and ice to Samira’s very own delicious ginger lemonade, making for the best Saharan cocktails!

Every night, local Berber nomads played music, sang, and respectfully appreciated our all-out, tribal dancing around the fire. Some of us chose to grab a drum or other percussion instrument and take part in the music making.

There was a spa section at Camp Adounia with tents set up for everything from manicures to Hammam to massages.





Tatler Spa Guide – March 2016

“If you want to escape, if you prefer almond milk these days to an amaretto sour, if festival vibes still run (ok stroll) through your veins – then turn off, tune out and drop in on this alternative adventure.”




Kiki Sunshine – February 2016


In the next 7 days of being iPhone-free, we lived a life of a dream! Every morning, we were waking up with the first sun rays,  stretching our bodies, breathing slowly, meditating and getting lost in the Tibetan sounds every evening, thanks to the Gong Bath sessions. Also, we were practicing open-air yoga twice a day, taking camel rides over the Sahara, eating delicious dinners inside the Moroccan tent, sharing fairytale like stories around the campfire – all while our iPhones lay motionless in our darkest pockets.





Lord Ashbury – February 2016

Restival + Morocco

One great aspect of having Restival in Morocco was the hospitality we received from the local Berber people there, and Camp Adounia who served as our hosts. Throughout the week they prepared the meals, stoked the fires, transported the water and provided the lion’s share of entertainment in the evenings. They were also responsible for transporting the guests from Marrakech to the Sahara, 10 hours over the Atlas Mountains and through the countryside.


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Guest of a Guest – November 2015

Glamping plus Burning Man (minus the acid) equals Restival, the “eco-lux digital-detox” anti-festival launching in the Sahara this month. Co-hosted by our friends over at majestic disorder magazine, the nomadic retreat promises an experience of a lifetime, a visionary journey through the land of no Wi-Fi complete with meditation, yoga, sandboarding, camel rides, and a sunrise rave. SUNRISE RAVE. Feeling a bit uninspired lately? No doubt this five day adventure through Morocco will give you the spark you need.

The New York Times – September 2015


The retreat meets the festival in a new event this November in Morocco’s Sahara known as Restival. Running Nov. 14 to 20, the gathering will champion disconnecting from the Internet in a remote desert locale with no Wi-Fi for miles. Led by spiritual guides, the program will offer workshops in art, writing and music and activities including dance, yoga, meditation and sandboarding. Evenings around the campfire promise astronomy, traditional Touareg music and storytelling by the BBC journalist Richard Hamilton, author of “The Last Storytellers.”

It takes about nine hours overland from Marrakesh in an off-road vehicle to reach the off-the-grid but deluxe Camp Adounia, site of Restival, ensuring both physical and virtual remove. Prices start at $2,300 per person, double occupancy, all inclusive. Ms. Jones plans future Restivals in Britain in May 2016, the United States in July and Morocco again next November.

Conde Nast Traveler – September 2015

Nov. 14–20, Moroccan Sahara

Billed as Burning Man for the “burnt out,” this new age retreat aims to offer attendees a chance to commune within the breathtaking sand dune vistas of the Sahara Desert. After making the trek over the Atlas mountains from Marrakesh in 4x4s, attendees will decompress in a Berber-inspired glampground complete with luxury canvas tents and traditional handcrafted Moroccan decor. Though there will be plenty of mind-opening activities on the docket—Kundalini yoga, fireside storytelling, sand boarding—there will also be some quintessential festival revelry. Namely: a sunrise rave and a closing ceremony at an abandoned Casbah.



Gypset Girl – September 2015


The Restival in Morocco’s stunning Sahara Desert in November is an event not to miss. Happening November 14 – 20, it’s a hybrid of a retreat, attunement with nature in a desert paradise and a chance to celebrate and connect. According to the festival organizers, “[It’s] for those who are looking for a digital detox, a break to inspire creativity, an opportunity to be in one of the most natural unspoilt places on earth.”

I’m super excited to be part of this festival’s premiere. It has the vibe of Burning Man, but better. Burning Man may be iconic, but it has grown into a huge festival with more than 70,000 attendees, hordes of motorhomes, noise, traffic and gas powered generators. It’s lost the intimacy it offered in the earlier years.

On the other hand, the setting of Restival is located in Moroccan sand dunes not far from the stunning Atlas Mountains. The activities are both thrilling and soul inspiring while the spa treatments are perfectly hedonistic. And the thought that I’ll be spending the nights in a beautiful, deluxe, bedouin style tent under the stars is a dream.


Suitcase – August 2015

Sands in the Air – Best Eco Retreats


Nomadic Tendencies – March 2015

For issue 4 we traveled to Morocco and stayed at Camp Adounia, an eco camp deep in the Sahara where we spent time with a nomadic Berber family.

In ‘Nomadic Tendencies’ our editor discusses the conflict between responsible tourism and exploitation when it comes to visiting cultures. As the women weavers there produce sustainable Moroccan rugs we also examine the global market’s demand for these rugs and the ethical issues surrounding it.

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The Guardian – January 2013

Walking Morocco’s beaches, with a yoga retreat thrown in for good measure

At the end of the long day’s walk under the searing Moroccan sun, across endless expanses of sand, the Berbers slowed their camel and stopped. We had arrived at the camp that was to be our home for the night. I was hot and tired after following in the nomads’ footsteps, and desperate to cool off. Lucky for me, we weren’t, as it may sound, in the Sahara desert, we were on the Atlantic coast, so I simply stripped down to my bikini and ran into the sea.

This was the joy of the week I spent on a new “nomadic beach retreat”, walking a stretch of coastline between Essaouira and Agadir with a tribe of Tuareg Berbers. This part of Morocco has mile upon mile of unspoiled, deserted golden sands – we rarely came across anyone save a lone man on a donkey, a pair of horse riders or a local family having a picnic.

We spent two nights here, practising yoga and meditating right on the water’s edge. I read, swam and explored the little caves around the cove. Rebecca gave us a group course in reiki, then individual “healing” sessions. Some got more out of the reiki than others; I found I couldn’t overcome my cynicism, but it was relaxing. Hannan, a beauty therapist from Marrakech, seemed bemused to be working on the beach in the middle of nowhere but her massages were sublime.

Read the full article here.