Sustainable Tourism

Camp Adounia creates sustainable tourism adventure through our journey through traditional communities through Ait Ben Haddou, the Draa Valley and M’Hamid of Sahara, arriving at our ecological Moroccan camp.

Our ethos is to provide a superb   client experience, whilst giving where we can and supporting local communities. Our camp aims to build bridges between forgotten cultures in todays complex world through ethical and are ethical and sustainable business practices.

Adounia meaning ‘Life’ was created with the fragility of the Sahara desert environment in mind, sustainable tourism, the local Moroccan culture and desert nomad artisans. We are a luxury tented camp who uses solar energy, and sustainable practices to ensure travelers on Moroccan holiday find peace and relaxation while in harmony with the Earth.

We are a member of ‘Leave no Trace’  and follow their policy on camping in natural locations. In the Sahara desert we have joined the work of ‘Cultural Caravan of Peace’ working with the desert environment and community. At the beach camp we work with the ‘Surf Rider Foundation Moroc’ and ‘Atlas Now’ in the Atlas Mountains.  We have our own Fair Trade project with the Berber Moroccans which includes education of this fragile life style.

The Camp Adounia Team are trained to understand our ecological actions and their impact on the environment and that of the planet. They are here to explain to Moroccan tourists how the camp operates and the ecological rules of running Adounia.

Adounia actions to date:

  • Natural skincare products in en-suite bathrooms
  • Hot and cold water bucket wash, use of recycled water
  • Eco friendly products for laundry and kitchen
  • Recycling plastic bottles
  • Organic waste for animals
  • Compost toilets
  • Complete Solar Solution solar panels for camp electricity
  • Hammam bathroom and beach towel (quick to dry and low water consumption)
  • Beach clean up with local community support
  • Fair Trade project with the desert Nomads
  • Creating Sustainable tourism in Morocco by being mindful of our partners, where we bring our clients and who we work with.