Camp Adounia | Luxury Camping Sahara Morocco

"Perfect – a word I don’t use lightly. I was seeking the serenity of the desert and found it here" - SR Deming

Camp Adounia | Camel trekking

"Camp Adounia is quite simply magical, authentic, majestic, inspiring & exhilarating!" - Sophie-Alexandra

Camp Adounia are ecological tented camps in Morocco. It’s glamping in the most remote &  beautiful locations of Morocco; deep in the Sahara Desert & untouched African beaches.

Our tented camp furnishing are artisan and natural. We believe in philantropic & authentic adventures, through sustainable tourism; learning about yourself by experiencing the world.  Camp Adounia is an ecological camp that gives back where it can, uplifting local communities in the process.

At Desert Camp Adounia you’ll gather around the camp fire with Sahara nomads and find inspiration on a camel ride in the majestic desert environment. You’ll discover a part of yourself traveling through ancient communities on this Moroccan journey through the Draa Valley to the region of M’hamid, Sahara.

At Beach Camp Adounia you’ll listen to rolling waves on the African coast, while you’re nurtured and pampered back to vitality. Eating fresh caught fish and local vegetables, while sunbathing in the African sun. You can surf, yoga, ride horses, go for a swim or simply sleep on vast beautiful beaches, all while we feed you amazing Moroccan food and look after your every need.

Camp Adounia is a desert tented camp in Erg Birtam & a beach camp in the upspoilt coast of Morocco near Oualidia all year round.

Camp Adounia | Sahara Desert Camp Morocco

"Perfect – a word I don’t use lightly. I was seeking the serenity of the desert and found it here. The Sahara, of course, was magnificent. The staff was attentive and thoughtful, but never intrusive."

- S.R. | New Mexico, USA

"We felt like ancient explorers. Utterly memorable, absolutely recommended. "

- Julie R. | London, United Kingdom

"Camp Adounia is a memorable place that will stay in my heart forever. . I now have found a place that I can come back to whenever I need to refill my soul with love, calm and peace. "

- Annika | Stockholm, Sweden

"Truly lived up to expectations...The staff were so welcoming, food great, and sense of peace profound."

- Amanda M. | Royal Tunbridge Wells, United Kingdom

Beach Camp

Latitude : 32.7333° N | Longitude : 9.0167° W

Our Morocco beach camp is based near Oualidia on the Atlantic Coast. Our private beach is located in a secluded bay, next to a bird sanctuary with clear water and white sand. The camp is 3 hours from Marrakech. Mountain bikes and surfing are available as well as spectacular coastal walks.

Sahara Camp

Latitude: 29.825774 | Longitude: -5.723401

M'Hamid lies at an altitude of about 500 meters above sea level at the edge of the Sahara. Mhamid lies on the Wadi Draa, which rarely contains water. Our desert camp is about 40 minutes into the desert dunes from Mhamid, in the sacred site of Erg Birtam.

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