Morocco is a friendly and safe country.  Moroccan’s are kind and hospitable they love to meet people from other places in the world and they adore children. It is important to be respectful of Moroccan culture, so we recommend to cover your shoulders and knees during your Moroccan holiday, respect prayer times and be sensitive to religious customs. With that said, Morocco is a very liberal and multicultural arab country, who’s citizens are very kind to foreigners and tourists, as tourism is a huge part of their function as a country.

Morocco Travel

  • For cheap flights to Morocco, visit
  • You do not need any vaccines to enter to country, nor does malaria exist in Morocco.
  • You need 6 months validity on your passport.
  • Most major countries do not need a visa to travel to Morocco, but check the Moroccan consulate list to see if you do need one.
  • Take out personal travel insurance with repatriation (Try World Nomads insurance)
  • We recommend also bringing a credit card with no debt  in case of emergencies.
  • Transfer taxi from and to Marrakech airport is 200dhs/£14.5 each transfer and to and from Casablanca is 1000dhs/£71.5 each transfer. Up to 4 clients in a car.

Arriving in Morocco:

  • Marrakech Airport (RAK) is 6 kilometres from the city centre and is the ideal airport for your depart to Camp Adounia. We have Riad Zamzam for your stay in Marrakech before and after your desert tour.  You may also fly into Casablanca which is located 227 kilometres north-west of Marrakech and take a “grand taxi”, train, or the more comfortable option of a private car from Casablanca. To arrange a private driver and request pick up from the airport, please email
  • You can fly into Ourzazate now please check Royal Air Maroc
  • Morocco is a Muslim country, so it is important to cover your shoulders and knees when traveling the country. Marrakech is a more liberal and westernized city, but to respect the culture and avoid unwanted attention we advise dressing modestly.
  • The language of Morocco is Moroccan Arabic (Darija), however French is spoken throughout the country as well. Many Moroccans speak English, however it is not as commonly spoken as most European countries.

Money & Safety:

  • There are no cash points or ATMS in the desert and the Camp Adounia site and the camp does not take credit cards on site.
  • You may need travel sickness pills for the atlas mountains.
  • Insurance and Emergency – Camp Adounia and Riad Zamzam have guest insurance. We have emergency and evacuation policy and procedure.  It is advised that all guests have their own travel insurance and travel with a credit card for emergencies.

Getting to the Sahara Camp:

  • The Camp Adounia is 8 located hours for Marrakech and all transport can be arranged by Camp Adounia. Prices are 1200dhs a day about £100.  You will arrive in private 4×4’s that will take you from your hotel in Marrakech to the Sahara Tented Camp location. We recommend you book at least one night at a hotel in Marrakech before leaving for the desert. For help with booking a nice, clean and safe Riad hotel in Marrakech please contact us.
  • Helicopters can be booked from Marrakech if required, they take about 3.5 hours to the desert camp and cannot fly at night and can fly to Zagora airport, where you can be collected and taken to the tented camp.  1 and half hours from Zagora airport.  Otherwise transport is via land cruiser with experienced drivers.

Packing tips – pack light!

  • Light Weight Fleece (it can get cold at night in the desert)
  • Long Trousers and Shirt
  • Light Weight Scarf or Turban (for Women)
  • Sun Tan Lotion/Sun Screen
  • Sun Protector Lip Balm
  • Hat
  • Walking shoes
  • Sandals
  • Shorts
  • Swimming Suit/Costume
  • Travel Insurance and/or credit card in case of emergency
  • Torch/Flash Light
  • Water Bottle
  • Day Pack
  • Travel Sick Pills
  • Valid Passport
  • Hand sanitizer and wet wipes are recommended for convenience and cleanliness.
  • Rehydration salts.
  • A day sack.